Power your Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) strategy with Xempla

Bring together operations data and information on asset conditions from multiple sources to help teams perform maintenance at the exact moment it is needed.

Condition based maintenance

Start fast and make the most of your existing systems

Leverage operational data from your existing building management systems and discover new ways to improve operational efficiency, starting with a CBM strategy focused on your non-critical assets.

Condition based maintenance
condition based monitoring

Integrate with IoT sensors to safeguard your critical assets

Connect IoT data from mission-critical assets with Xempla and gather real-time measurements on asset conditions like pressure, temperature and vibration for better health assessment and increased accuracy of maintenance activity.

Customize your workflows to best suit your CBM strategy

Select existing workflows from Xempla’s in-built library or create unique workflows tailored to your needs with zero coding-dependency. Begin your CBM programs with minimum hassle, maximum efficiency.

IOT sensor
critical assets

Get proactive notifications the way you want

Connect with Slack, Teams, WhatsApp or Email to receive notifications the way you want and save valuable time using platforms you’re already familiar with. No need to switch to an entirely new way of working.

Improve decision making and leave an impact

Bring your teams, tools and resources together to investigate, drill down to the bottom of problems and understand what needs to be done. Make an impact with each intervention and drive better decisions with Xempla’s on-demand assistance features.

CBM strategy

Condition Based Maintenance Case Studies

See how Xempla enables condition based maintenance for different assets through these micro case studies.

Micro case study

FCU Maintenance Optimisation

This workflow looks out for consistent peak performance of FCU, and alerts when the asset is consistently performing at maximum levels without delivering the expected output.

Asset Class: FCU

Allowed early maintenance of the asset without having to wait for the next schedule which was a good one month away.

proactive notifications
FCU maintenance optimization
Micro case study

Compressor Motor Performance

This algorithm works on historical data to develop a forecasting model basis in which the actual performance levels of the asset (compressor motor) can be evaluated against the expected levels.

Asset Class: Chiller

Annual maintenance is being brought forward to understand the possible reason and to close in on motor performance.

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