Get more out of every asset while reducing its Total Cost of Ownership

A variety of assets to manage but not enough visibility or control over utilization, maintenance and other lifecycle costs? Change that with advanced analytics and decision making tools in Xempla’s enterprise asset management platform.

Real time analytics

Built for modern, cost-conscious asset lifecycle management

Xempla’s data-driven decision support and analytics tools help Operations & Maintenance teams capitalize on every opportunity to maximize asset performance and minimize operating costs throughout their life cycles.

precision monitoring

Secure the easy wins, early on

Automate tasks and processes that usually need high involvement from senior engineers, reducing the overall time and effort required. Let your teams focus on problem resolution, spend more time on critical matters at hand, and set themselves up for long-term success with easy wins right at the start.


Improve asset performance to extend asset life

Using Xempla’s backcasting, forecasting and simulation models, discover new ways of improving asset performance to extend asset life. Reduce energy consumption and costs across the asset lifecycle through real-time monitoring and visualization of key performance indicators.

facilities management
precision monitoring

Spend time and money on maintenance only when it’s needed - not more, not less

Go a step further with insightful reports and recommendations on performance cycles and asset health scores to fully realize the cost benefits of need-based maintenance. Contribute to overall TCO reduction strategy by optimizing your maintenance schedule with full context of asset history, performance and downtime, without ever compromising on asset availability.