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The following terms and conditions, along with all other terms and legal notices located on the website (collectively, "Terms"), govern your use of Xempla (the "Website"). By using this website, you are accepting the provisions of the “Terms & Conditions” in full.

The website Xempla is in the initial development stage and the operators and owners do not make any claims about the accuracy of the information published, or about the website itself being free of bugs or faults. The services on the website Xempla are still under initial development and have been made available only for general purposes. In addition, Xempla may make changes and/or improvements in the services and programs on this Website at any time without notice. Changes will periodically be made to the website.

Upon providing their information to Xempla, the User agrees to the following points:

  • Make their contact details available to Xempla; the User may be contacted by Xempla through email, telephone and SMS, if the User does not wish to be contacted, he/she shall communicate the same to [email protected] and necessary action shall then be taken by Xempla.
  • Receive promotional or informational mails/special offers from Xempla.
  • Be contacted by Xempla in accordance with the information provided by the user.
  • Xempla keeps a record of all the pages users visit.
  • Xempla reserves the right to use the user’s mobile and demographic information such as age, sex, and location to conduct targeted mobile marketing campaigns even for third parties wishing to advertise using our database.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Unless stated otherwise, Xempla fully owns the intellectual property rights of this website and materials used on this website. The content on the site can only be used for personal use but not exceed the limits set by the following conditions:

  • Republishing the Content from this website on another digital or print media platform.
  • Sub-Licensing of any product launched through the website’s channel.
  • Reproduction of any work, survey or study conducted by the website.

Copyrights and Trademarks:

Xempla holds the rights of all the digital content available throughout the website other than the information freely available on the internet under the fair usage policy. Trademarks of Xempla cannot be used to be displayed for any commercial or non-commercial use without prior permission from the managing company. All the data mining activities i.e. scrapping, crawling, and republishing are not allowed until and unless written permission is obtained from the company

The content downloaded from the Xempla website does not pass the rights or title to use for commercial use.

Communication with Xempla:

The website holds the right of all the mails, comments or views posted under the forum or directly mailed to the website and is free to use, although the user is free to remove or get removed their own content if it is accidentally or intentionally posted on the website. By using this website, it applies to all that one must not use any foul or offensive language in any forum or publicly available comment section.

Creating a user account or submitting any form on the website: The website intends to protect private information provided by the user while creating a user account and the detailed terms are shared in the privacy policy documents of the website. By creating an account or submitting the forms, the user agrees to the terms Required to protect the confidentiality of the username, password, or other details of the account Liable to any activity conducted using the user account Accept all risks and responsibilities for activity done under the username.

Limitation of Liability:

By using the site, you agree with the clause that Xempla will not be liable for any legal theory or contracts for any kind of issues caused by any other party. The website is also not liable to verify or justify information provided by participants of the website i.e. educational institutions, coaching institutes, or individual comments. To prevent the loss of visitors it is highly recommended that all information available on the website must be verified before taking it into consideration. Xempla declares that it will not be used to propagate any malicious or harmful software so, in any case of program loss or system damage, the website can’t be held responsible. Even the portal itself is advised to beware of these possibilities.

External Links:

Xempla is not liable for any loss caused due to the external links available on the website. It is also advised to verify with other sources before making any decision on the basis OF advertisements or content available on the linked websites.

Governing Law:

All the legal proceedings come under the jurisdiction of the State of Victoria, and will follow the laws accordingly. Use of this Website is at your own risk, and 'Xempla' will not be held liable for any errors or omissions contained in this Website. In no event shall 'Xempla' be liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data, or profits whether contract, negligence, or any other tort action arising out of, or in connection with, the use or performance of the information available from Xempla.