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Planned or Scheduled Maintenance: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions

In this article, you will learn the challenges and pitfalls of how FMs run and manage planned maintenance today, opportunities and practical solutions for progress, and the role of technology and innovation in reshaping the current approach.

FM's Guide to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Through Core Operations and Maintenance

By embracing proactive maintenance strategies and investing in the right technology, FM companies can position themselves as leaders in the evolving energy and sustainability landscape.

How to optimize building energy consumption: A Guide for Facility Managers

Discover how to optimize building energy consumption with our comprehensive guide tailored for Facility Managers, Energy Managers, and building owners. Learn the importance of energy efficiency, benefits of optimization, and practical steps to reduce costs, enhance sustainability, and comply with regulations.

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Stay ahead of the game with our thought leadership articles that combine strategic intelligence with actionable foresight, insight, and hindsight.

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Process Automation, Cost Optimization, and Digitalization for Enterprise FM Companies

Facility management enterprises that embrace process automation, digitalization, and data-led innovation are the ones that will be able to do more with less and come out on top.

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Enhancing ISO 55001 Asset Management with Digital-First Tools and Strategies

The digital-first approach brings a paradigm shift to traditional asset management practices. It fosters enhanced accuracy, improved decision-making capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, positioning organizations to not just meet ISO 55001 compliance but to proactively navigate the challenges of the modern asset management landscape.

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Maintenance Scheduling Automation with AI-Based Digital Solutions

In the move to data-led Operations and Maintenance, scheduling and resource allocation has to evolve much beyond what it is now and become more intelligent, dynamic, and on-demand.

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Why should Facility Management companies establish a Nerve Centre?

Explore the vital role of Nerve Centres for Facility Management companies in navigating uncertainties, boosting efficiency and driving digital transformation.

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The Synergy of Human Observations and AI in Predictive Maintenance

Unleashing the power of human observations and AI, this article explores the future of predictive maintenance for optimized efficiency and cost reduction.

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Navigating Handback Risk in PFI Projects: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Risk Mitigation

Delve into the world of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects and the crucial concept of "handback risk." Explore the origins of PFIs, their global reach, and the challenges they present. Learn about the significance of handback risks, historical examples of fines, and proactive strategies for mitigation. Discover the importance of robust contracts, regular monitoring, comprehensive documentation, and fostering collaboration. Whether you're involved in long-term PFIs or short-term facility management contracts, this article offers essential insights to ensure a smooth transition from the private to the public sector, reducing financial risks along the way.

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Vested Model: Transforming Facility Management Outsourcing

Discover a new perspective on facility management outsourcing through the Vested Model. Uncover its transformative power in fostering collaboration, enhancing efficiency, and achieving mutually beneficial partnerships. Explore real-world successes, actionable steps, and the remarkable benefits it offers. Join the future of facility management today.

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Real-Time Monitoring for Solar Plants and Rooftops: Maximize Production and Reduce Costs

Real-time monitoring in the context of solar plants refers to the continuous and instantaneous tracking of different parameters and performance metrics of a solar power generation system.

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Real-Time Monitoring: Maximizing Operations and Experience in Luxury Residential Properties

Real-time monitoring technology gives facility mangers the option to remotely operate and monitor the residences, improving both operational excellence and experience.

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Challenges & Solutions in Implementing EC Fan Retrofits in HVAC Systems

Explore the challenges and solutions of HVAC EC fan retrofits. Discover how to optimize performance, size fans correctly, address pressure issues, and ensure compatibility for energy-efficient upgrades.

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