Help O&M teams make better decisions through seamless collaboration

Xempla helps O&M teams share observations and expertise through frictionless collaboration, for better decision-making and reliability in outcomes.

Enterprise asset management
enterprise asset management software

Augment your current process, inspire confidence in decision-making


Pinpoint deviations

Uncover more insight into performance deviations by examining data from a variety of vantage points and isolate its most probable cause for further investigation.

CMMS analytics
CMMS analytics software

Leverage the team’s engineering expertise

Xempla’s augment feature allows engineers to utilize collective expertise, exchange feedback, and tag technicians to investigate issues, without ever leaving the platform.


Make it easy for technicians to share observations

Technicians on-site can pull up all the data on an asset by simply scanning a QR code, and share their observations using easy text, image and voice chat features.


Build a repository you can fall back on

Capture all your observations, conversations, and learnings from each experience with managing your facilities’ assets-xempla in a digital repository, and keep them handy for guiding future decisions.

asset performance management

What’s included : Tools and features tailor-made for O&M teams

facility management software


Enable team-wide collaboration, sharing of engineering expertise and on-site observations for the most accurate and reliable analysis of alerts.

decision support system

Knowledge Hub

Access a repository of resources including manuals, documents, guides and more using semantic search to assist in further investigation.

decision support system for enterprise asset management

Omi (Chatbot)

Ask Omi, our smart chatbot for info on past asset behaviour, current trends, instructions or any assistance you need, when you need it.

Go from investigation to on-site action in a breeze

Ensure that data, tools, and teams work together as one entity to deliver faster, more reliable asset maintenance and management.

decision support system for enterprise asset management

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