Proactive Decision Support to Supercharge Your Asset Performance

An Operations and Maintenance workforce empowered with the tools, resources and assistance needed to make proactive decisions across the asset lifecycle will help you achieve your asset management goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Enterprise asset management

O&M Teams Need to Make Important Decisions Throughout the Asset Lifecycle

The job of O&M teams is one that requires them to make important decisions on a day-to-day basis to keep asset operations costs to a minimum, and increase the availability and lifespan of your assets.

Enterprise asset management

The Changing Landscape of Asset and Facilities Management

For long, assets and facilities have been managed using methods disconnected from the world of data and technology. But things are changing now. Let’s see how.

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Three Vital Pillars of Today’s Businesses

Today, asset owners, managers, investors and other stakeholders are placing a greater focus on these 3 key business goals, fuelled by growing customer expectations :


Asset and facilities management teams need to be more productive and efficient as there is increased focus on reducing total cost of ownership.


Occupant well-being and experience is now central to how businesses need to manage assets and deliver services to maximize availability, ensure reliability and improve predictability in operations.


The merits of being a sustainable business have found a strong footing amidst the current climate crisis, and forward-thinking businesses look at it as a journey rather than a destination.

O&M Teams Are Being Pushed to Work in a Data-First Environment

The present and future of asset operations and maintenance relies heavily on data to meet new business goals and rising customer expectations from the built environment.

Digital Tranformation

Digital transformation in the commercial real estate and facilities management space is inevitable.


Data is everywhere and Operations & Maintenance teams have to deal with tons of it before they can decide their next move.


O&M teams have never been faced with the challenges of working in a data-first environment before, and it’s only going to get tougher from here as expectations rise further.

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The Need for a Decision Support System (DSS)

  • Now, more than ever, O&M teams need the right set of tools that help them make better decisions, while taking customer experience to the next level. It’s about time you recognized they are an integral part of this transformation.
  • The DSS acts as an enabler in the hands of your engineers and technicians, providing decision support at every stage in the form of team-wide collaboration, analytics tools and on-demand assistance. It offers a unified management platform where teams can run leaner and data-driven operations and maintenance.

DSS Solves 3 Fundamental Challenges Facing the Asset & Facilities Management Industry, Empowers O&M Workforce

Growing Skill Gap

70% of your O&M workforce does not have the training or experience required to navigate technology that’s fast becoming a regular feature of today’s asset management landscape.

Knowledge Retention

FM companies are looking at vast amounts of institutional knowledge walking out the door, as 60% of O&M workers are expected to leave their jobs in the next 5-7 years.

Capacity Building

Organisations are facing significant costs of skill upgrade and capacity building, which could easily derail any effort to remain competitive and relevant.

Reimagining the Operations & Maintenance Process

O&M teams deserve better than your traditional APM, EAM and Maintenance solutions that take an isolated approach - creating frictions and inefficiencies in the process.

The decision support system warrants a holistic approach to Enterprise Asset Management which means you’re discovering, investigating and solving problems as a team, with all your tools and resources in one place.

Goodbye operational silos. Welcome speed and efficiency.


Teams become proactive, capitalize on every opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership.

Become proactive >


Teams don’t rely on guesswork, but leverage data, tools and collaboration to make better decisions.

Streamline decisions >


Teams can improve reliability & resolution times with on-demand assistance and easy access to resources.

Move faster on site >


Teams can clearly see and compare performance metrics to make sound business decisions.

Drive results >
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The DIIV Framework

A Holistic Approach to Enterprise Asset Management

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Help Teams Drive Exemplary Asset Performance Management on Loop with DSS for EAM

Thanks to DSS, O&M teams can truly harness your data through collaborative tools and assistance to improve asset performance and reduce operational cost. By following a process so transforming, yet not disrupting, O&M teams overcome the challenges of a data-first environment and deliver exemplary asset performance at speed and scale, ultimately giving you the competitive edge you’ve always been looking for.

See how a leading healthcare facility was able to achieve incredible results using DSS for EAM :


Proactive interventions to deliver uninterrupted patient treatment

$ 50,000+

Value of productivity increase and energy savings
Read case study >

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