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Why did this healthcare facility need a Decision Support System?

Transitioning to a data-first proactive O&M regime is challenging, especially when a company has a huge site like this facility. Multiple buildings, thousands of interconnected assets, and patient care and well-being at stake.

They needed software that could help supplement the entire processes in a non-intrusive manner while facilitating support for decision-making throughout the asset lifespan, as well as leverage technology to build a knowledge repository, rather than the analytics tools or CMMS that was previously installed at the site

How they use our Decision Support System

Xempla handles their processes and sends out alerts to dedicated engineering teams to investigate potential issues or opportunities. Following that, they are notified to do an onsite asset assessment while delving into the trends and insights they receive on our platform.

While work orders are being pushed to Maximo, we deliver clear and specific recommendations to technicians on critical improvements, ensuring that the O&M team's current workflow does not get disrupted. And most importantly, teams can evaluate and communicate the impact to all stakeholders through impact analysis.

Most used Features

enterprise asset management software

The team at this facility uses our in-built workflow library that includes use cases ranging from predictive maintenance to condition-based monitoring, FDD, and more. While also using our no-code logic builder canvas to create their own workflows.


Xempla’s augment feature allows engineers managing the site to utilise collective expertise, exchange feedback, and tag technicians to send in their observations - all inside one single platform.

In-app chat

This feature enables their teams to collaborate, investigate issues, and make better decisions by leveraging data, resources, and on-demand assistance.

What's next

By the middle of 2023, Xempla will assist in entirely augmenting the O&M process across the healthcare business, making it one of the finest cases of human-centred digital transformation.

Integrations Used
  • bulletBuilding Management System (BMS) by Schneider Electric
  • bulletComputerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) by IBM Maximo

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Enterprise asset management

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