Bridge the O&M workforce disconnect. Stay forever forward.

Often overlooked as a needless exercise with vague ROI, investing in the future of your operations and maintenance workforce can bring measurable results beyond business efficiency and profitability.

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Establishing a clear-cut advantage, both today and tomorrow

A workforce that’s ready for the future means an organization that’s ready for the future. Even more so when it comes to enterprise asset management, an industry where success is hugely dependent on how well the operations and maintenance workforce is equipped. Here are some of the advantages.

operations & maintenanceKeep business competitive and agile.
operations & maintenancePrevent critical skills gaps from hampering productivity.
operations & maintenanceEnsure highly motivated teams that deliver winning outcomes.
operations & maintenanceBe more attractive to potential employees and increase retention rates.
operations & maintenancePosition yourself as a leader with a more inclusive and innovative work culture.

Shackles of the present holding your future back

The case for building a future-ready O&M workforce is powerful. But it’s not an easy transition to make. And the overall lack of urgency shown by C-leaders isn’t helping either.

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Learn how we can help your organization build a future-ready O&M workforce

Lack of right tools and decision support

The single biggest roadblock to more efficient and cost-effective data-driven operations and maintenance is the lack of tools, analytics and assistance that can help teams turn data into decisions that generate better outcomes.

The problem of knowledge retention

With The Great Retirement knocking at the door, 60% of O&M workers are expected to hang up their hard hats in this decade, stripping organizations of all the knowledge and experience they’ve gained over the years.

The cost of upskilling and capacity building

70% of the O&M workforce does not have the training or expertise required to navigate data and technology that’s fast becoming a regular feature of today’s asset and facilities management landscape. In short, huge costs of upskilling and capacity building.

Limited strategic agility

The same top-down approach and reluctance to move away from the ‘business-as-usual’ scenario that present an obstacle to the future readiness of the workforce also promote a reactionary culture, rather than the agility and proactiveness that is required.

O&M teams operating in isolation

Lack of alignment between people, processes and outcomes leads to O&M teams operating in isolation. This isolation increases the risk of failure, and workforce empowerment is reduced to being a buzzword. Yet, O&M teams are still expected to deliver results without any reliable framework or support system in place.


Break technology, strategy and workforce barriers with Xempla

With Xempla’s decision support system, empower your O&M workforce to turn the challenges of tomorrow into opportunities for today, and position your organization to lead the future of enterprise asset management.

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Continuous learning and knowledge retention

Xempla allows you to build a repository of your teams’ knowledge, observations and experience on the job, equipping your organization with all the resources needed to help the workforce sustain a culture of continuous learning and minimize the cost of capacity building.

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Tools to make work-life simpler for O&M teams

Xempla has been built keeping in mind that O&M teams are always expected to do more with less, and it makes work simpler for them in today’s increasingly digital, data-first environment with the right set of user-centric tools and technology.

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Proactive, contextual decision making

Xempla’s advanced analytics and decision support enable O&M teams to turn complex data into actionable insights, and ultimately make proactive decisions with contextual recommendations and on-demand assistance. The result - a highly motivated workforce.

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Alignment and engagement

Xempla brings the 0-30,000ft visibility required for O&M teams to stay in close alignment with organizational priorities. With Xempla’s DIIV framework in place, teams can see how they’re making a difference to larger business objectives, and operate with a sense of purpose and confidence.

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Strategic agility and adaptability

Powered by the DIIV framework modelled on a bottom-up approach, Xempla allows for strategic course changes to be made with agility. It encourages the process and mindset shift needed to effectively adapt and manage change within the organization.

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Reaping the rewards of a future-ready workforce

Xempla’s decision support system allows O&M teams to overcome the multiple challenges of today and tomorrow’s enterprise asset management landscape, helping you initiate and sustain an inclusive and highly rewarding transformation towards a forward-thinking organization.