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In 2017, we started with a mission to get a million operations and maintenance workers on the right side of technology. Ever since, we’ve devoted ourselves to ensure they had the most reliable tools to support them on the job. We’ve come a long way from where we began, and for a moment, we thought we were within touching distance of our target.

But we didn’t come this far to only come this far.

We realize the world today is in a state of constant flux, full of challenges and uncertainties for people who work in operations, maintenance, and enterprise asset management at large. And it’s going to be like that as far as we can see. Technology, automation, and digitalization advance by leaps and bounds, yet more often than not, it’s the people who fall behind.

So now it’s something much bigger than a mission for us. We can’t predict the future, but there’s one thing we know for sure. Together we have the power to imagine it and shape a more inclusive and promising one for all. Where everyone from the CEO to the maintenance technician on site enjoys a level playing field. Where everyone is empowered to make those bold decisions and create the future of their imagination.

As a passionate software company continuously reimagining the interaction between buildings, people and planet, we have always been about breaking free from the status-quo and pushing our world ahead through human-centric innovation and digital transformation.

So we won’t stop here. We can’t. We’ll always dream bigger and aim higher. So you can shoot.

Forever Forward.forever forward

Break free from the status quo

The need to transform building operations inclusively and sustainably is more important than ever.
We’re making it easier for you with all the firepower you need to pull it off.

forever forward
Gathering wisdom from experts and bringing you the very best

Unbiased articles, podcasts, newsletters, and more carefully curated to cut through all the noise and inspire positive change across FM O&M.

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Building communities and levelling the playing field

Platform for O&M professionals and engineers to voice their views, participate in discussions, and move forward with the power of community.

forever forward by Xempla
Imagining, innovating, and co-creating with customers

Innovative solutions to overcome real problems on the ground, and achieve cost-efficiency and sustainability goals faster than ever before.


Your weekly dose of path-breaking insights on all things O&M, technology and built environment

Straight from our Founder’s obsession for human-centered innovation and first-hand experiences with customers, peers, and O&M teams at the heart of all the action.

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Umesh Bhutoria

Founder & CEO, Xempla

Turn your biggest challenges into opportunities with practical strategies, proven tips and solutions

forever forward by Xempla

Lead the O&M revolution with change-makers just like you

Unite with the world’s O&M professionals to reimagine and co-create the future of operations and maintenance. Build relationships, participate in discussions, discover avenues for growth and move forward with the power of community.

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Power inclusive and sustainable building operations with a future-ready workforce

Efficiency. Experience. Net zero. Future-readiness.

Everything we’ve come to expect from the built environment rests on how well we support decisions and actions taken at the ground level by the blue collar workforce. Equipping them with the right tools and tech to tap their full potential is the most inclusive and sustainable way to achieve the goals and aspirations of business, planet, and society. Without solving for the blue collar workforce, we’re going short-handed into the future.

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