Take Command of Your Asset Maintenance and Reliability

Optimize your planned maintenance with reliable decision-making tools built for O&M teams. Find the best slots for corrective measures and make the most of each intervention to increase your sites’ efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.

Maintenance Schedule Optimization

See where everything stands in one place

By using Xempla’s Planned Preventive Maintenance capabilities or integrating with your CMMS, you simplify access to asset operations information and get a single pane of glass view of everything that’s happening with your assets, all in one place.

Asset Maintenance & Reliability
maintenance scheduling

Make the most of site visits with recommendations for corrective measures

Get recommendations on potential dates for carrying out corrective measures to make sure O&M teams maximize the impact of each site visit. This brings PPM forward and pushes corrective work orders to unlock productivity and better experience for your customers.

Analyze Asset Health Scores to optimize maintenance costs

Go a step further with advanced recommendations on performance cycles, asset health scores and more to fully realize the cost benefits of need-based maintenance. Set the best duration between consecutive maintenance activities using these recommendations, without ever compromising on asset availability.

corrective measures

Some Maintenance Optimization Case Studies For You

See how Xempla helps you optimize your maintenance schedule for different assets through these micro case studies.

Micro case study

FCU Maintenance Optimisation

This workflow looks out for consistent peak performance of FCU, and sends alerts when the asset is consistently performing at maximum levels without delivering the expected output.

Asset Class: FCU

Allowed early maintenance of the asset without having to wait for the next schedule which was a good one month away.

asset health index
decision support system
Micro case study

Compressor Motor Performance

This algorithm works on historical data to develop a forecasting model basis in which the actual performance levels of the asset (compressor motor) can be evaluated against the expected levels.

Asset Class: Chiller

Annual maintenance is being brought forward to understand the possible reason and to close in on motor performance.

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Maintenance Schedule Optimization

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