View and share impact of asset management programs with ease

Xempla’s impact analytics tools provide a bird’s eye view of your assets' performance and simplify sharing of results with all stakeholders.

enterprise asset management software
Enterprise asset management

Drive real business results and decisions with detailed and transparent impact analytics


Measure and compare performance

View asset performance metrics and get details on where O&M teams delivered savings and efficiencies. Compare stats before and after interventions to measure progress.


Streamline reporting, ensure transparency

Generate reports with a single click and easily demonstrate impact to all stakeholders by taking advantage of our automated reporting options.

facility management software
enterprise asset management software

See the big picture

Maintain complete oversight of your asset management efforts, and know who’s contributing to asset management and digital transformation success, all from one single location.


Inform business decisions

Directly tie asset management outcomes to real business results. Find valuable insights to inform business decisions and explore new opportunities based on improvements to your current process.

What’s included: core features

facility management software

Impact Assessment

Understand the impact of each individual intervention carried out by O&M teams towards optimizing asset performance.

decision support system

Facility Dashboard

Gain a complete overview of all your asset management programs to quickly evaluate facility-level performance.

enterprise asset management software

Energy Dashboard

Measure the overall impact of asset management initiatives on energy efficiency and savings across the facility.

From discovery to evaluation and back

Discover opportunities. Investigate. Take action. Evaluate impact. Repeat.

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