Proactive asset management begins with discovery

Xempla alerts O&M teams to help them proactively discover opportunities to optimise asset performance and stay a step ahead, always.

Enterprise asset management
facility management software

Get clear, actionable insights to capitalize on opportunities, every single time


Always know what’s happening

Keep track of issues or opportunities as they arise with alerts delivered to you via Email, G-chat or Teams. Get relevant insights to understand what’s happening, without ever getting overwhelmed.

asset performance management

Be in control

Monitor all alerts and organize them from a single location. Save time and prioritize work by setting the severity of alerts that should automatically convert into a work order.

CMMS analytics software
enterprise asset management software

Create workflows easily

Apply workflows from an in-built library of use cases ranging from predictive maintenance to energy optimization, FDD & more. Or simply create your own with our no code logic builder canvas.

decision support system

Access records, understand context

Data is meaningless without context. Find records on past occurrences, maintenance activity, or work orders executed all in one place to quickly establish context for data on present and future events.

What’s included: core features

decision support system for enterprise asset management


Identify deviations or gaps in optimal asset performance, and get moving before breakdown or failure happens.

decision support system

WorkFlow Library

Use our in-built library covering the most popular use cases to select workflows based on your asset performance goals.

CMMS analytics software

Workflow Builder

Easily create a workflow of your choice with our logic builder canvas. No prior coding knowledge required.

CMMS analytics

Media Integrations

O&M teams can share relevant information quickly and easily using integrations with multiple communication and messaging platforms.

Turn opportunities into decisions, as a team

Leverage team-wide collaboration to make the most of opportunities for optimising asset performance.

Enterprise asset management

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