Fault Detection & Diagnostics Done Right

From discovery to evaluation, simplify FDD for O&M teams to optimise maintenance costs, and improve the reliability and availability of your equipment. With Xempla’s decision support system, FDD is better, faster and much more easily scalable.

Fault Detection & Diagnostics

A Better Approach to FDD

Most FDD solutions either take an AI based or a logic based approach. With Xempla you get the best of both worlds plus the human aspect of it, where technology is put to work for O&M teams - and not the other way around.

Get started in a breeze with most popular use cases

Xempla’s FDD capabilities enable hassle-free set up and help you kickstart your asset performance and sustainability initiatives simply by selecting workflows from an in-built library covering the most popular use cases.

Customized workflows unique to your building conditions can also be easily set up using our no-code workflow builder.

Fault Detection & Diagnostics
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Determine root cause and tend to critical issues on priority

Pinpoint the source of deviations in real quick time with a standardized investigation process and assistance in the form of specific recommendations.

Make the most of Xempla’s advanced FDD engine that prompts solutions along with the root cause, like checking the strainers on a site where they usually get choked. Automate what gets converted into a work order based on the priority level and first tend to issues that require immediate attention.

Run proactive FDD-connected operations and maintenance

Xempla easily integrates with some of the most popular CMMS, CAFM and other building management systems,saving users configuration time and ensuring there is no disruption for technicians.

It helps teams move from a ‘break-fix’ cycle to a proactive operations and maintenance regime with speedy work order generation to fast track fault resolution and maximize the availability of your assets.

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Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Repeat at scale for assets, facilities and portfolio

Right from receiving the alert to the part where your engineers and technicians collaborate to figure out the problem and fix the asset, Xempla bakes all that knowledge into algorithms to create a learning loop. So next time something similar happens, you know exactly how to deal with it.

What’s even better is that you can replicate this learning loop and share custom workflows for other assets and facilities across your portfolio, so you can add new sites as you go, without having to start from scratch.

Some FDD Case Studies For You

Micro case studies showing how FDD is done the right way with Xempla

Micro case study

Peak Performance Anomaly

This FDD rule looks out for anomalies related to peak performance of FCU, and sends out alerts when the asset is consistently performing at maximum levels without delivering the expected output.

Asset Class: FCU

In this case, the Chilled Water Consumption across the FCU dropped by >50% after the corrective measure.

EAM Solutions
enterprise asset management solutions
Micro case study

Simultaneous Heating & Cooling

This FDD rule is built to send alerts when there’s simultaneous heating & cooling across the AHU, but counter checks Functional Design Specifications (if available) before alerting the team on the same.

Asset Class: AHU

Investigation revealed deviation from the FDS, however since the site is a medical facility, at times demand of RH could be outside of what the AHU is expected to deliver.

Micro case study

Cooling Tower Fan Control

This FDD logic uses a backcasting method to determine the control speed feedback to CT Fan and alerts teams if there is an optimization possibility.

Asset Class: Cooling Tower

Investigation revealed that the way the BMS controls have been set, even a minor change in CT Water Outlet Temp will cause the CT Fan to work at max levels.

FM O&M Team is now working on further tweaking the control strategy, without impacting thermal comfort.

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