Residential Facility Eliminates 120+ Reactive Calls Using Xempla

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Facility Type - Premium Luxury ResidentialRegion - UAE


increase in Energy Savings


of investigation time


less “reactive” calls


corrective measures per month


Emerging facilities management service provider in UAE, provides waste management, security, and specialised services with finest sustainability measures for Premium Luxury Residential. The company creates, oversees, and carries out FM strategies to optimise the effectiveness and lifespan of assets and has more than 700 individuals from a range of backgrounds employed across the portfolio.

Why did this Premium Luxury Residential Facility need a Decision Support System?

As an emerging FM company, they had a minimal risk appetite and had to approach digital transformation from a very holistic standpoint, connected to the sort of workforce and customers they work with.

Since they had already invested in a universal CMMS that could be used by multiple sites, what they wanted was an additional layer of intelligence to enable a more streamlined and effective way of operating and maintaining assets, which is where the decision support system came in.

How they use Xempla’s Decision Support System

Xempla has made it simple for engineers to receive alerts and notifications generated by us where they can immediately conduct an investigation. For each site, the facility has a dedicated individual.

Next, a corrective work order is generated and closed leveraging Xempla’s work order management module, which usually depends on their upcoming scheduled maintenance task as well as whenever there is urgency of the issue.

Most used Features

decision support system for enterprise asset management

The team at this facility uses our in-built library, which includes the most popular use cases, to let them choose a workflow using our logic builder canvas.

Impact Assessment

This feature helps O&M teams to understand the impact of each individual intervention towards optimising asset performance.


With the use of this feature, O&M teams receive alerts and help them proactively discover opportunities to optimise asset performance and stay a step ahead.

Work Orders

This feature allows O&M teams to quickly respond to potential issues or opportunities detected by Xempla and direct them to work on them according to detailed instructions.

What's next?

Xempla is constantly expanding across multiple sites. This Facility Management company is rolling out a new service line on Asset Performance Management powered by Xempla.

Integrations Used
  • bulletBuilding Management System (BMS) by Honeywell
  • bulletInternet of Things (IoT) by WattSense

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Enterprise asset management

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